Project 668 wins Europe Needs You 4 JOB-Creation online competition

Project 668 wins Europe Needs You 4 JOB-Creation online competition


Project 668 won the first prize in the online competition Europe Needs you 4 JOB-Creation. The award comprised a week-long event from 15th to 22nd June in Skopje, Macedonia, where a number of workshops, interactive lectures and discussions will take place. A representative of Project 668, Lidija Globokar has been invited to participate in the event on behalf of the team.

The week’s programme includes an entire workshop day dedicated to further develop Project 668. Fundraising, promotion and sustainability of the Project will be among the topics for discussion. The event also aims to start off a network of non-profit organisations that will focus on beating youth unemployment in Europe, the so-called Y.O.U.R. Network.

The Europe Needs You 4 JOB-Creation competition was organised by Mladiinfo and Challenge:Future – two initiatives whose aim is to fight youth unemployment in Europe and which are both supported by the European Commission through the programme “Youth in Action”. The goal of the prize was to recognise the three best submitted ideas on how to use social media, web platforms, mobile applications and other web-based technologies to increase youth employability in Europe.

We are proud to have won this prize after our recent nomination for the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2014.


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