A different approach to job hunting

A different approach to job hunting

Tips from someone who dared to try, and succeeded!


Way back getting a degree and getting a role in your desired industry went hand in hand, I could ramble on but we know those days are over. Hopefully they will make a swift return, with the help of a middle man. So I will tell you how and why I took on a marketing role at a recruitment agency.

Statistics say this and that about youth unemployment rates, I was ready to take myself out of that bracket as well as my bed which is where I spent most of my time applying from for quite some time without much success. Suited and booted I hit London’s Waterloo station and got myself noticed by holding up a sign, stating that I was looking for a job. Now I’m probably the most talked-about graduate, inspiring and advising many. Due to my own experience of job-hunting in times of an economic crisis, what I tell many is ‘safe is risky’, get ready to promote yourself and your ideas by being bold and creative if you want to get hired.

Currently I am heading up a project called ‘Women in Business’ as the sectors we operate in are heavily male-dominated, but we want to see a continual increase in the amount of women coming into these sectors. So I am collating the stories of women that have reached a respectable position in their organisation to share their story and advice. Boosting the representation and population of women within the industries we operate in would be quite an achievement and, while the majority of women I interviewed agreed with me that the CV is dead, they offered suggestions for alternative approaches which you can view here:


With this current role in recruitment I want to help graduates and make a degree mean something again, the youth are the future and employers need to invest in us. I say it’s pretty much like the England Football team, they didn’t bring the youth up quick enough and now they are so far behind their rival nations. Now, who’s to blame for mass youth unemployment throughout Europe? Is this the government’s fault, the employers’ fault – not giving chances? Or is it rather the youth’s fault, just not selling their qualities in the best way possible?

After standing at Waterloo station I didn’t have to send my CV any more. Five months later I had not only found a great job I was passionate about but now I am hiring people myself! So, if you were to apply with us, you would have to convince me why I should choose you. What can you bring to the table? What makes you stand out from the crowd? It might seem challenging but when applying for a job you must know what your unique talents and traits are and you have to sell them properly in order to succeed.

The first few months anywhere will be a struggle but, if you are dedicated to being the best version of yourself, then you will proceed. I hope my story will inspire you to take action and stretch your comfort zone a little by trying something new. Be bold and have the courage to shine! It will pay off eventually!

by Alfred Ajani
Marketing and PR Projects Manager at The Asoria Group


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