My best tips on using LinkedIn

My best tips on using LinkedIn

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Several times a month colleagues come and ask me how to improve the way they use LinkedIn, some of them are fellow staff, sometimes it’s middle and senior managers.

So I’ve put together the best resources in the following mind map:

You will learn the best practices and tips I’ve found over the past 3 years while I’ve used the network intensively to develop links between employers and highly skilled candidates in Brussels.

If you are not convinced on the value of investing your time on the network, read why you should make the effort to explore the potential of LinkedIn: check the following slideshares by Reid Hoffman.

Remember, the most valuable professional information is often on other peoples minds.

If you’ve got a tough problem to solve, just ask your network for help. You’ll be amazed by the results.

“You are as smart as your network.”

The Start-up of You, a visual summary:

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Network Intelligence: your company can’t thrive without it:

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