Lidija Globokar on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe

Lidija Globokar on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe


We proudly announce that our current President and Co-founder Lidija Globokar made it on the first Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in the category of ‪Policy‬.

Brussels – “Globokar fights youth unemployment in Europe by bridging the professional skills gap. She gathered politicians’ support for Project 668 and built a network of NGOs and companies that support the project’s efforts.
Globokar was selected as one of the 150 participants of the Asia-Europe Foundation Young Leaders Summit in 2015.” – Forbes

Forbes recently released its 30 Under 30 Europe List, a directory of 300 top young leaders, inspiring artists and successful entrepreneurs in 10 different sectors. The Policy Class Of 2016 includes young people who are “championing Europeans’ rights and their political movements”.

Lidija Globokar, the current President and a Co-founder of Project 668, was named as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Europe honorees in the category of Policy. She was joined by 29 other Europeans under 30 years old to make it to the old continent’s young elite list.

Under the leadership of Lidija, Project 668 asbl is growing into a vibrant European community of young professionals aiming to fight youth unemployment by promoting professional development. Envisioning to close the gap of unemployment, Lidija and the Project 668 team use the principle of sharing is caring to become a reference in professional development for young people.

The criteria for honorees making the list included leadership and disruption in their field; entrepreneurial mindset and results; and the likelihood of changing their field over the next half-century. The honorees of the Policy list were chosen by a panel of experts who are highly respected in their fields of expertise: Matthew Kaminski (the Executive Editor of Politico’s Europe coverage), Fabrice d’Almeida (a French TV host of “L’histoire en direct” and professor at Sorbonne and Pantheon-ASSAS University) and Roberto D’Alimonte (a professor at Guido Carli Free International University for Social Studies and expert on elections and Italian politics). Together with reporter Nathania Zevi, they searched Europe for the most deserving candidates in this category.

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