Project 668 announces the Year of Creativity

Project 668 announces the Year of Creativity


Project 668 was born with the clear intention of helping young graduates and young professionals in finding their meant-to-be career paths, and consequently to fighting youth unemployment. In a constantly evolving world, with such a complex job market, we have focused on promoting professional development, believing this would help closing that skills gap most young people experience once they find themselves exposed to the job market.

This year, we have decided to devote our attention to a topic, which we believe has several positive implications in professional development: creativity.


Why creativity?

Because creativity can benefit you and your career in a number of ways…

First of all, creativity is not just artistic and you don’t have to be a painter to #BeCreative. Actually, creativity can also be technical, and this means that it can be used to trigger new ideas, solve problems, and achieve professional development. Not to mention that creativity is at the basis of any disruptive innovation, and we all know how important it is to have good ideas in a job market run by start-ups. Furthermore, being creative can have a positive impact on your personal development, as it allows you to express yourself, connect with others and reduces stress.

Ken Robinson, author, speaker and international advisor on education, said that in education creativity should be considered as important as literacy; well, we will try to treat them with the same status.

How to #BeCreative?

There are million ways to #BeCreative, except for doing absolutely nothing – as Anna Vital explains in her article. What we would like to explore throughout this year is how you can #BeCreative in your personal and professional development efforts.

We will explore a different topic every month and we will provide you with techniques, methodologies or simples food for thoughts. We will cover every aspect of your professional life, discussing topics encompassing creative career planning, creative thinking, creative networking, creative self-branding and so much more.

We will provide you with articles, videos and other materials, and we will complement it with webinars and workshops related to the various topics.

Follow us on our different social media channels and share your thoughts on creativity using the hashtag #BeCreative.

by Project 668 Team


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