How to compete in the Olympic games of job hunting

How to compete in the Olympic games of job hunting

On the job (marathon) hunt? Get ready like an Olympian!


The Winter Olympic Games kicked off in PyeongChang. Thousands of athletes are on their starting blocks hoping to win those long coveted medals after intense preparation, training and sacrifices. And job hunting is pretty much the same. It is like taking part in a marathon aiming to cross the finishing line first. The outcome of the race may never be certain, but athletes prepare putting in lots of training; they arm themselves with patience to overcome the hurdles on the way; they become resilient to face adversities. To properly train for your own Olympic Games of job hunting, here are a few pieces of advice to sync up your brain, body and mind to get your job search on track.


Boost your Brain

Keep on learning! Continuous learning will enable you to strengthen your expertise and expand your skill set. Enrolling in a one-week course, or even online MOOCs (their offers keep expanding!) will show recruiters and future employers your ability to invest your time wisely. It will also be an indicator of your eagerness to learn and flexibility to speedily develop new capabilities.

Move your Body

Keep on practicing! It has been already proven that doing sport will enable you to remain fit and mentally healthy. But it may also serve your job hunt marathon. Doing sport will enable you to develop soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, time management skills, discipline and resilience. So, whether you are a true athlete or an occasional sportsmen, highlight your sport activities on your CV.

Mind your mind

Keep on socialising! Job hunting is not an individual sport where you are let alone struggling. Social connection and especially face-to-face encounters have a true mood-boosting power. Arrange regular get-together with your inner circle, ideally with someone who has outstanding listening skills and won’t judge you. In that respect, tap into the power of mentoring or coaching. Keep in contact with former colleagues or professional acquaintances, as they know you best and can guide you through your job hunting. Move away from your mailbox and job websites, go out, and attend job fairs, or professional networking events like Project 668 Career Apéro.

Syncing up your brain, body and mind may well be the winning equation to take over your job hunt marathon. It may also enable you to reach the heart and find your dream job, matching your passion.

by Caroline Lefevre


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