Are you ready for change?

  We all go through periods of change: small changes, big changes, changes that happen unconsciously, forced changes. Sometimes we are the change agents and sometimes change is imposed on us from an authority, an employer, a partner, a client, friends. We all remember our first heartbreak, our first love, …

European Youth, quo vadis?

Written by Lidija Globokar, Co-Founder & General Manager of Project 668

I’m concerned. And I’m not talking about the high youth unemployment rates in Europe. I’m concerned about the future. What does all this mean? How will the European society look like in 20, 30 years? Or even 10? Will there be only one “lost generation” or will we even lose more? And what exactly do we lose? Everyone’s talking about economy, numbers, crisis, growth. Who’s talking about dignity, re-definition of work, social responsibility and values?