Has the Problem of Youth Unemployment Become a Secondary Issue?

While grassroots initiatives of local communities and the third sector are important in fighting youth unemployment, they cannot deliver structural changes. As many young people in Europe continue to struggle with and suffer from the consequences of the economic crisis, in this article we ask whether the issue of youth unemployment has become a secondary issue for the EU politicians.

#Run4Employment – a great success

On 13 September 2015, in Parc Léopold (Brussels) the rain held off just long enough for 11 brave teams to go for a little run. The 55 participants in the first ever Run for Employment each had to run 1km before handing over a symbolic briefcase to the next member of their team. Children and adults, women and men, seasoned runners and struggling newbies, everyone stepped up and gave it a go. The prize? A 50€ voucher for The Black Sheep bar…and eternal glory.

What Role Does Sport Play in Dealing with Youth Unemployment?

Ahead of our Run for Employment that will take place in the framework of the European Week of Sport read an interview with Lidija Globokar – the President of Project 668 on the role of sport in fighting youth unemployment (the text was originally published on EuropeanPublicAffairs.eu)

Veni, vidi, Project 668

Our 1st strategic team weekend took place last week and I would like to share some insights about it with you.

Why I chose such a provocative title? Because it refers to our team motto “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” (Henry Ford). I believe that we can definitely say that we worked together during the weekend and generally speaking this stands for the team behind Project 668.