Workshops & Webinars

Project 668 organises thematic workshops to increase young professionals’ personal and professional potential, providing them with useful tools that will help them grow in their positions or land their dream jobs. The workshops take place in a participative and friendly atmosphere, based on the idea of sharing and learning from one another. Project 668 also organises a wide array of webinars with high-level speakers.

Workshops and webinars cover various topics ranging from how to write a CV and a cover letter to how to develop a career strategy; from creative thinking and project management to vision board design.

If you are interested in our workshops, you can consult our calendar to discover when the next one will take place.

You can request a workshop at

They say about us



I really enjoyed participating in the career workshops offered by the amazing Project 668 Team. Each session was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn new tools for career development in a positive and inspiring way. I heartily recommend them!” – Samantha, EC Blue Book Trainee




To be fair, when I subscribed to Project 668 workshops, my motivation was closest to “meh, why not” than any types of enthusiastic exclamation. Well … I was SO wrong! Not only were the classes useful and inspiring; not only were the (volunteer!) teachers dedicated and pedagogic; not only was there space for any questions and specific feedback; but mostly the workshops brought me what I lacked most: confidence to face a job interview. With the relevant tips and advises provided, I can now say that the workshops have been part of the reason behind my survival in the Belgian job hunting game.” – Hélène, EC Blue Book Trainee


Alternatively, you can become a presenter at our thematic workshops and webinars. You will be able to share your knowledge and expertise with a talented and participatory audience. Send us a message to and we will get in touch with you.