How to use social media when preparing for a networking event

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How to use social media when preparing for a networking event


I recently took a MOOC on Coursera about Career Enhancement. They’ve got great resources, but I didn’t see the following ideas shared. So here they are.

Ideas to help you prepare your networking efforts before, during and after a conference or event. Especially using social media.

A couple of weeks before the conference, I check on Twitter if there is a hashtag for the event. If there is none, you can suggest a simple one to the organiser and ask him/her to promote it.

If there’s a hashtag I will follow its thread, and check on other attendees. Then I tweet that I will be joining and I sometimes ask questions to other participants. This allows me to get a better idea on whom will be present, how they look like, and works as a first introduction.

If the organiser posted the event on its Facebook or LinkedIn account, just post a comment or question below it. Other participants will look at your profile and might reach out to you during the event.

Since I’ve already engaged with some of the participants, once I get to the event it’s a lot easier to meet other people. When doing so, I also try to introduce other attendees into the discussion. Remember, it’s about getting to know people and to find ways to help them.

An email with an interesting link or resource, or a LinkedIn invitation to connect is a good way to follow-up after the event.


Tip: I enjoy going by pairs to networking events; it’s always nice to introduce your partner to the other persons and you feel more comfortable during the time spent together.

Got other tips or ideas? Will be glad to hear about them.

by Ernesto Izquierdo


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