Project 668 Strategy Meeting – June 2016

Reflecting, Evaluating and Planning

Project 668 Strategy Meeting – June 2016


Project 668 is always at the forefront of fighting against youth unemployment, and strongly committed in providing new services to enable professional and skills development and innovative solutions to empower young professionals in landing the job of their dreams.

This is why on Saturday, 25th June, Project 668 staff organised the first 2016 Strategy Meeting to reflect and evaluate its past activities and plan some new exciting ones.
Twice a year Project 668 gathers its volunteers together to reflect upon what has been done so far, but also having a glace at the future.

The evaluation is thoughtful and takes into account the entire Project 668 range of activities: starting from the budget, moving on to the Apéro Meetings & CV Cafés and landing to the social media strategy, every aspect is analysed and carefully evaluated.

The Strategy Meeting allowed an important reflection on the status of things, an evaluation of what was set and what has been achieved and has strengthen Project 668’s commitment in offering the best possible experience to its members.

The staff itself is asked to make a self-evaluation encompassing personal goals, expectations and performances, but also an overall analysis of the Association as a whole. The “post-it fun” helps the volunteers gather their thoughts and put them on paper, then leading to a friendly discussion on what could be improved and how.
A workshop session follows this initial brainstorming, and the participants have the chance to develop their ideas in more detail, drafting or updating strategies on various topics, such as internal procedures, events, social media, etc.

This Strategy Meeting ended up being mostly focused on internal procedures, but great and fresh ideas were about new services to be offered to Project 668’s members and followers: a series of videos, more workshops, a tailored membership programme, and so much more!


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