Wake me up when September ends…

Wake me up when September ends…

or how to cope with September blues


As legacy of student life, September takes the shape of January as a month full of expectations, resolutions, but for some, also frustrations and a kind of unspecified blues, surely related to the end of the holidays. Especially after the summer break, it might be difficult to return to the routine, whether it is your job, your current job hunting, or both.

This is why we would like to share our [66]8 tips to step into September smoothly and with no fear.

1. Cherish your holiday memories, and share them with friends and colleagues. It will help you remember what you experienced and keep the memory alive while you are sitting at your grey desk, improving your mood and overall well being.

2. Make use of the recharged batteries to bring new ideas into play. This is the perfect moment to propose your innovative and bright views: speak up during meetings, try to start up a new project or simply kick off a new activity.

3. Plan what you want to achieve in the next months – write down your goals, make a detailed planning and work hard until you make it.

4. Reward yourself with a special gift, you deserve it after all.

5. Start new activities, for example, sign up for a new course (MOOCs, ballet, programming, …) or start volunteering for a cause dear to you.

6. Plan new trips… we know discovering new places and escape the usual town can be addictive!

7. Get inspired and meet new people! Good company will help you moving forward in this jungle.

8. Join our next Project 668 event! We promise you will not regret it. Stay tuned for more info!


By Bianca Rubino


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