Is your job a perfect match or just a flirt?

In the era of dating 2.0, recruiting and professional matchmaking apps promise to find the perfect job match. While everyone feels excited when landing their first job, just like in every relationship, love at first sight do not always turn out to be true love. 

Finding the perfect job match goes beyond skills or experience. Values and attitudes, among others, play also an important role. When getting a new position, employees may feel unsettled interacting with new colleagues, taking on new processes and learning new rules. They may also be soon at risk of having a workplace culture shock.

Workplace culture shock is made up of 4 stages: 

  • Honeymoon: excitement and enthusiasm state following the recruitment or new position; 
  • Anxiety: Getting started and facing new challenges;
  • Adjustment: Learning and getting on the job;
  • Acceptance: Getting in the daily job routine. 

This 4-stage cycle may vary in intensity and from one individual to another, but here are some tips to find your perfect match or make it the perfect match.

Clear expectations – Know your expectations and what to expect

When applying for a job or a new position, be clear with yourself and what you expectations are. Does the job descriptions match your skill sets and professional aspirations? Similarly, find out what to expect from the company. Learn more about the company corporate’s brand positioning, their values, products, but also employees. These can help cope with the cultural shock once employed.  

Observe and listen

Although you may be tempted to prove yourself in the first days, it may be wise not to reveal all your assets at once. You may come a long way by observing and listening to your new colleagues than getting things rushed in your own fashion. 

Ask questions and put yourself in question

When facing with unknown situations or challenges, do not cope with those alone in your corner. Dare to ask questions to get this solved. Similarly, put yourself in questions. How did you react when first faced with the challenging situation. How did you solve it and how did you feel afterwards? 

Like in every relationship, it is a day-to-day and long term endeavor in which patience, open-mindedness and attentiveness are key.

By Caroline Léfèvre


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