Time to take a creative leap: 10 ways to foster your creativity

In these uncertain times of lockdowns and confinements, creativity can play a fundamental role not only to escape from negative thoughts, use our imagination and free our minds, but also to excel in our job. In fact, creativity can also make us more efficient, unique, adaptive, allowing us to connect the dots, communicate better and generate great ideas. 

So now, do you know how to trigger your creativity? 

Trust your instinct and get inspired by these 10 ideas:

  1. Immerse yourself completely into a manual activity – not for the sake of the outcome but only to enjoy the process and live the moment: painting, drawing, taking pictures, bricolage, creating collages from magazines and newspapers,… the possibilities are endless!
  2. Create your own notebook of projects’ ideas that you could realise one day. There is no need to be specific. Even keywords will do. This exercise will help you keep your inspiration blooming.
  3. Allow yourself to do also some activities, which are totally unrelated to your duties, but that bring you joy or well-being. If they help you relax, they will not be useless activities. This will make you disconnect from your strictly operational life and stimulate your brain.
  4. Dance like nobody is watching! Move your body, dive into the music and let the feeling push you! 
  5. Give yourself some time to be on your own and work on your personal activities and individual expression. From time to time it’s also important to have a digital detox! 
  6. Create your own original environment that can inspire you. It can also be messy – as they say…Privilege colors like blue or green, as they are linked to infinity and growth… 
  7. Value what comes as an unexpected event. This process can question the most rigid minds and foster adaptiveness and creativity. 
  8. Use the brainstorming technique. How does it work? Write down the keyword of a topic, an issue or a situation at the center of your sheet and from there start linking other words. Once done, try to discover the new links you have just created. 
  9. Do research, explore something that you do not know yet and would like to learn. Be curious!
  10. Do what you do with passion and commitment. 

Now it’s your turn to take a step ahead: the floor is yours!


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